A couple of Polaroids I snapped last night at the show at Mighty San Francisco of Sango and G Jones.

I attended Jeremy Fish’s Solo show ‘Yesterdays and Tomorrows’ at FFDG last night in the Mission, San Francisco. The place was packed, but I managed to get photos of Jeremy and some of his good buddies. Chef Chris Cosentino of Top Chef Masters, artist Sam Flores, and artist Mario ‘Mars-1’ Martinez showed up to hang out as well. Good night, good vibes, AMAZING art. 

For more info about the show check out: http://www.ffdg.net/

Thank you Chef Cosentino, Sam Flores, Mars-1 and Jeremy Fish for the photos!

Polaroids from the FKA Twigs show with P. Morris last night at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Such a great night! I had so much fun! I’m so glad I got to meet both FKA Twigs and P. Morris.

I took these Polaroids the last day SFMOMA was open. It was my first time ever setting foot in the building, and my last time i’ll be able to see it the way it was.

Polaroids I took at the Wave Racer show in downtown San Jose last night. I tried to talk to him after his set, but I had a feeling he couldn’t hear me too well. He was super nice though, awesome set. I had a good time.